We turn caring into culture.

Caring deeply for clients and employees since 2001.

Our Story

Caxiam began in 2001 in Orlando, FL (Winter Park) with the idea that everything we did would revolve around code. While this led to some amazing work, we quickly realized a business must ultimately revolve around the welfare of its customers and employees to really make a difference in the world. Not wanting to lose sight of what initially sparked the creation of the company (our love of code), we decided to develop our culture around three pillars - code, clients, and employees - and knew the rest would fall into place if we pursued those things wholeheartedly. While we believe profit to be a necessary condition of sustainable business, it's not what drives us day in and day out. Reducing risk for clients and using our skills to help them succeed online is what makes us tick.

"The primary purpose of a business is the welfare of its customers and employees. Profit is simply a necessary condition of pursuing that purpose." - Jeff Van Duzer

Our Pillars

Engineering Excellence

We will use the most modern industry standards and best practices available. This includes open source technology, distributed architecture, automated testing and deployment, and cloud infrastructure.

Client Stewardship

We will take seriously the call to manage our clients' time, resources, and expertise with care and patience. We will go to great lengths to educate and lead them through the complexities of building software.

Professional Mastery

We will be highly specialized experts who are responsible, trustworthy, collaborative and easy to work with. We will invest greatly in employee training and equipment and create highly flexible working environments.

Our Team

Ethan Pitsch
Founder & CEO
Micheal Morgan
President & CTO
Will Scheuer
Systems Analyst
Zach Stevenson
Software Engineer
Aaron Fischer
Software Engineer
Colton Allen
Software Engineer