We have our craft down to a science.

Bringing a scientific approach to the art of engineering.


Small. Relational. Disciplined. Thorough. We accept only a few projects per year, partnering with stakeholders to become part of their team over an extended period of time — coaching them, guiding them, collaborating with them — to build custom software products and platforms. We bridge the culture and business expertise of our clients with modern software engineering and design practices, and do so at a fraction of the cost of staffing a full-time team.



We will be highly specialized, using the most modern industry standards and best practices available. We will invest greatly in training and create a culture of continuing education.


We will take seriously the call to manage our clients' resources well. We will go to great lengths to educate clients and lead them through the complexities of building software.


We will be highly available, trustworthy, collaborative, and easy to work with. We will invest in communication and reporting tools and avoid knowledge silos at all costs.


We will treat team members as highly skilled, rational individuals and trust them to make decisions that adhere to our engineering principles as they work flexible, sustainable schedules.


Ethan Pitsch
Founder & CEO
Micheal Morgan
President & CTO
Will Scheuer
Systems Analyst
Zach Stevenson
Software Engineer
Aaron Fischer
Software Engineer
Colton Allen
Software Engineer

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