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Consulting Engagements


Have an amazing idea you're just dying to hash out with a group of seasoned professionals? We offer high-intensity, low-commitment collaboration sessions that center on your idea's market viability, product roadmap (including both high-level time and cost estimates), target market, and best-suited architectural approach.

This is our most popular consulting engagement by far and one we've been offering startups and established companies alike for more than 15 years.


Are you knee-deep into a software project that's gone awry? Are you stuck in a relationship with a development firm you think may be leading you astray?

We offer expert-level architecture and code reviews and can evaluate your current situation through a 7-point lens to know whether it's time to cut your losses or stay the course.


Have an in-house team that needs training, mentoring, or on-going review to enforce best practices and industry standards? We regularly consult with companies all over the country to help in-house teams instill engineering disciplines and principles that ensure long-lasting, easy-to-maintain software.

Send your team to our Orlando headquarters for the week, or request that we visit them on your home turf. We'll customize our offering to fit your exact needs.


Having trouble delivering software to your end-users? We can help you automate the delivery process, providing you the ability to get changes of all types — including new features, configuration changes, bug fixes and experiments — into production, or into the hands of users, safely and quickly in a sustainable way.

Having trouble releasing your product within the AWS Marketplace? We know AWS like the back of our hand and can offer professional-level consulting for even the most complex DevOps configurations.

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