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Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to know if we're the right company for your organization can be determined by how often you answer "yes" to these questions:

  • Have you already explored the many turnkey software options available to your business and concluded none of them will work? Have you concluded exhaustively that you truly need to hire a professional software engineering firm to build your organization a custom solution?

  • Have you considered that owning and operating custom software is inherently risky and concluded that it's still the best move for your organization? (The good news is, our entire approach is aimed at mitigating this risk for you.)

  • Have you reviewed our engineering principles, our partnership engagements, and our preservation maintenance approach to building software and concluded it's right for your organization?

  • Are you sure the software you want to build needs to be engineered at the level we operate (e.g., distributed architecture, automated testing, cloud-orchestrated DevOps, industry standardization)?

  • When the software is released, will your organization or the organizations you serve rely heavily upon it? Will it be essential to ongoing success?

We offer several smaller consulting engagements if you'd like to ease into a partnership with us.
We build API-driven software, which means 99% of our work is web and HTTP-based. Nearly everything we build has some sort of web-based interface as its primary point of user interaction.

Because API-driven software lends itself exceptionally well to also serving mobile and desktop users, much of the software we build is omni-device enabled — meaning it can be accessed via web browser, desktop application, and/or mobile application. We can even take measures to ensure your application can function offline.

Our historical focus over the last 15 years has been organizations in need of business-critical software for industries or circumstances that demand performance and security at scale. This has included industries like finance (banking, investments, payments, etc.), healthcare, insurance, commercial real estate, wholesale distribution, and education — though we certainly aren't opposed to working in other industries that also demand performance and security at scale.
While our client list is diverse, we're generally best suited for large, complex projects that have the opportunity to become essential to an organization's success. Full-service projects can last 6-18 months and usually involve several releases along the way (to avoid a waterfall or big-bang approach).

Typical budgets range from $180,000 to over $1 million. On the smaller side, we have clients engage us for 6 months at $30,000/month. On the larger side, we have clients engage us for 18 months at $60,000/month. The majority of our clients fall somewhere in between.

Because we offer multiple consulting packages as standalone services, many organizations can easily afford to engage us for at least a portion of their project.

Custom software development is a big investment. If you're receiving fixed bids or estimates significantly lower than what we've just described, then you're not comparing apples to apples.

Many firms focus exclusively on short-term outcomes vs. following a principled engineering approach that produces long-lasting, high-integrity software. Be sure to understand the difference before commencing a project to build business-critical software.
We've noticed a trend between 3 categories of clients we serve.

Oftentimes our larger clients make little distinction between initial budgets and ongoing budgets. They hire us to act as their dedicated team and have a steady stream of work always coming and going. As such, they spend 75%-100% of their initial budget in an ongoing annual budget.

Our mid-level clients usually spend 40%-75% of their initial budget in ongoing annual budget.

Our smaller clients typically spend 15%-25% of their initial budget to maintain and support the software on an annual basis but do not continually add new features or adjust existing functionality.

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