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Commerce Platforms

Fully Custom Commerce

Are you a distributor looking to attract new customers, save on support costs, and better serve your existing customers with a B2B platform? We've worked with distributors of bowling supplies, kitchen products, fuel equipment, quilting and sewing products, auto parts, janitorial supplies, and consumer goods and realized that great commerce always requires more than a "one size fits all" approach.

More than 75% of our customers are businesses that have outgrown their existing solution and are ready to go to the next level of e-commerce.

Curious as to how we get started on a custom commerce platform? Don't be shy, we'd love to speak with you.

ERP Integration

Looking for an enterprise commerce solution but anxious about how it might integrate with your ERP system? We've helped many clients with similar concerns integrate deeply into their in-house systems. Caxiam has successfully built and maintained large e-commerce solutions with the following ERP systems: Prism, Masterpack, EnterpriseOne, Epicor Eclipse, and Tecsys Elite.

Don't see your ERP system on the list? Worry not. Often-times our general knowledge of ERP systems lends itself to working with ERP systems that we do not have prior experience with. We're highly skilled at reading documentation and reverse-engineering large systems.

Not yet running an ERP? We can provide you with all the tools necessary to track inventory and maintain pricing.

Enterprise Search Solutions

Enterprise search goes far beyond a simple search box that returns a basic list of results. It provides the ability to perform advanced filtering and sorting across a vast product catalog in a matter of seconds.

Through intuitive interfaces, Caxiam guides users through all of the information you have available on your website — product attributes like pricing, color, rating, and size, along with vendor, brand, and manufacturer information — enabling them to find the products they're most likely to purchase.

Many of our solutions handle product catalogs exceeding 100,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) without overwhelming the end user's shopping experience.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Product information management (PIM) refers to the software responsible for managing the data required to market and sell products online. While your ERP might hold basic information about your product catalog, the PIM is responsible for holding the full details of each product, along with images and marketing content. In some cases your staff members will maintain the product data, while in other cases that might be handled by the vendors themselves.

Caxiam has experience building custom PIM solutions perfectly tailored to meet our clients' business needs. In cases where a client's business processes are more common, we can integrate with any number of popular cloud-based PIM solutions.

Retailers & Manufacturers

While we've built many B2B e-commerce platforms for distributors, we also love building solutions for retailers and manufacturers. Over the years we've found we are most often called when businesses outgrow their off-the-shelf platform or need a tight integration with a proprietary system. In every case, we work step by step with our clients to collaborate on a solution that is specifically tailored to their business.

We've watched some of our retail e-commerce clients grow by more than 1,000% over the years and hire us multiple times to build subsequent versions of their site. We still have our first e-commerce client from 2001!

Our platforms are built to support product counts into the hundreds of thousands and integrate with a wide variety of third-party systems. We often build ancillary tools around our platforms, allowing our customers to manage every aspect of their online presence — from inventory, to customers, to search engine optimization (SEO).

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